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Reliance Family Clinics was formed with the sole aim of providing top-tier medical care using the latest technology. At RFC, we created a patient-centered clinic, meaning that everything we do is maximized for your convenience, comfort, and wellbeing. 

We ensure every Nigerian can access first-rate healthcare for themselves and their families by offering the highest quality medical treatment at an accessible price in a welcoming, courteous, and encouraging environment. 

Why Reliance Family Clinics?

We know that great power comes with great responsibility which is why we leave no stone unturned in our commitment to continuously bring you quality and affordable healthcare when you need it. 

Our Services

Be it at your leisure or emergency; you can access our services via one of our proprietary clinics in Lagos and Port Harcourt or any of our numerous 3rd party clinics all over Nigeria  


You do not have to come to one of our clinics to get the needed care. Our telemedicine app provides you with direct access to a doctor

Services we offer at Reliance Family Clinics

Pre-employment Package

Our pre-employment tests enable you to make the right decisions and hire the best talent

Urgent Care

Our primary focus is saving your life and ensuring you get the best healthcare 

Specialist Care

Our specialists are ready to attend to your health needs

Antenatal Care

Our antenatal Care will help you prevent complications, and make sure you and your baby stay safe and healthy

Children Immunization

Give your child the necessary immunization and vaccines to stay healthy

Chronic Diseases

Let our trained doctors and nurses help you easily manage your chronic medical conditions.

STI Checks

Don’t wait till your body tells you, to conduct the STI Checkup

Adult Wellness

Get the right treatment and diagnosis in our facility, and conduct your regular health checkup. 

Adult Immunization

Our adult immunization will keep you away from diseases that could harm you in the future. 

Home Consultation

You do not need to stress about it; let our doctors visit you at home.  

Mental Health Consultation

We are here to listen and help you resolve issues affecting your mental health


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