Next-gen health plans to grow small businesses

Unlock your staff’s full potential. Our health plans are optimised for companies with fewer than 20 employees.


1,600+ businesses and 251,000+ plan members rely on us globally

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce


Show staff you care

Ensure staff feel well looked after to boost talent acquisition and retention.


Improve productivity

Kill the cost of absenteeism, which can add up to ₦110,000 per employee.


Help staff succeed

Fewer absences and proactive wellness support means staff can be their best.


Fuel business growth

Businesses with robust healthcare grow by 115% vs 27% for those without.


Access flexible plans

Unlike retainerships or trad insurance, we bring the benefits you actually need.


Let us reassure you

Forget stipends. We bring predictable pricing and 24/7 multi-channel support.

How our group health coverage works

By combining the cost and risk of medical claims across everyone included in a group health plan, we can offer lower premiums to all plan members because not all will make a claim each year.

Sharing the cake

Think of it like eating out. Everyone could pay for their own cake. Some would choose expensive toppings and exotic layers, some might finish the whole thing and still be hungry. Others would have leftover slices or layers in flavours they don’t want.

Instead, it’s better to make one big cake. Everyone gets the same flavours of layers and toppings. One can have more vanilla, one more red velvet – without any waste.

They take a slice whenever they’re hungry. And the cost is the same for every member, even if some eat more than others.


What about leftovers?

By pooling medical costs, we can operate on a scale to unlock cheaper tariffs from providers than if people were paying for their own care directly.

This means a smaller slice will fill a greater appetite, so you get more cake for your money. If there are any leftover slices at the end of the year (unused premiums), we reinvest these funds to add new layers and unlock better toppings.


Choose the right plans for your growing business


Red Beryl

Our most affordable small business HMO plan, providing access to great benefits across Nigeria.

  • From ₦68,400 per person per year (PPPY) for staff cover

  • From ₦232,000 per person per year including family member coverage

  • ₦2,000,000 total benefit limits per person per year

  • Access to tier 4 hospitals.
    See our providers.

  • ₦10k optical and ₦15k dental per year

  • And much more

FROM ₦68,400 PPPY



Comprehensive support to employees, with access to a wide network of healthcare providers.

  • From ₦103,300 per person per year (PPPY) for staff cover

  • From ₦380,000 per person per year with family cover included

  • ₦3,500,000 total benefit limits per person per year

  • Access to tier 3 & 4 hospitals.
    See our providers.

  • ₦15k optical and ₦30k dental per year

  • Gym access once per week

  • One spa visit or facial per year

  • Access to semi-private wards

  • And much more

FROM ₦103,300 PPPY



Gives your staff access to a greater number of hospitals, plus wellness checks and private wards.

  • From ₦177,700 per person per year (PPPY) for staff cover

  • From ₦638,400 per person per year with family cover included

  • ₦5,000,000 total benefit limits per person per year

  • Access to tier 2, 3 & 4 hospitals.
    See our providers.

  • Regular wellness checks for staff

  • ₦30k optical and ₦75k dental per year

  • Gym access twice per week

  • One spa visit and one facial per year

  • Access to private wards

  • And much more

FROM ₦177,700 PPPY

Red Diamond: The best of the best

FROM ₦268,850 PPPY

What makes us different?

Designed by doctors, our health plans give employees and their families the full range of support they need.



We build solutions to address industry gaps. From our tech to our record response speeds, customer feedback guides everything we do.


Tech for easy access

From telemedicine to prescription delivery, we innovate to make healthcare a convenient, seamless and affordable part of everyday life for your team.


Preventative wellness

Our plans go beyond treating illness, driving holistic wellness with access to gym, spa, massage and facial services, plus regular health checks.

Got questions about our small business health plans?

  • Can my team add family members to their health coverage?
    Depending on the plan type you choose, it is possible for your staff to add their families to the policy. When you choose a plan, you’ll see a price for individuals only and a price including family cover.
  • How do my team members see all their benefits?
    It’s easy for team members to see all their benefits, plus a list of hospitals and health facilities where they are eligible to receive service in the Reliance Care app, which is available for iPhone and Android via the respective app stores. See the footer at the bottom of the page for direct links.
  • Can my team access healthcare if they travel out of their resident state?
    Yes, your team members can roam throughout Nigeria with your plan. Wherever you go within the country, there will be facilities on your plan that they can use.
  • what happens if I don't use my cover during the year, do I get a refund?
    No. As you can see further up this page, any unused premiums are kept by us at the end of the year to be reinvested into the service to make it even better - specifically for onboarding more providers and creating technology that further improves the Reliance HMO user experience for small businesses.
  • Can I add or remove employees to my plan in the middle of a period?
    You can add new plan members in the middle of a period and there will be a pro rata payment to cover the remainder of the period in question, so long as you will still have 19 or fewer members. If the additions take you above this threshold, you'll need to switch to one of our enterprise plans instead. It is not possible to remove plan members during a period. But if someone has not yet made a claim in the current period, you swap them out for a new plan member should you wish - for example if someone has left your company and you wish to give their coverage to a new joiner.
  • Where can I see the providers on your network
    Simply visit our providers page to see a full list of our the health services and facilities in our network. To learn which tier a certrain provider is in, give us a call on 0700-RELIANCE.

Better care from top providers

When we bring your team together with the providers they need, everyone benefits. But don’t take our word for it.

Ready to make healthcare your business advantage?

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