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Whatever your industry, whatever your size. You’ll find the benefits your staff and their families need in our health plans.


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Designed by doctors, our health plans give employees and their families the full range of support they need. From proactive treatments and neonatal care to coverage for emergencies and chronic conditions.


Plans for any size of business

We adjust our plans to fit your company at each stage of your growth – regardless of size, industry or team needs


Dedicated support

We appoint a Key Account Manager to all our business cutsomers, ensuring you’re always treated with the utmost care.


Unlocking immediate value

With onboarding in minutes and preventative benefits, your employees don’t need to fall ill to get value from their plan.

1,600 businesses and 200,000 people rely on us globally

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Ensure better employee health experiences with the trust and convenience that comes from partnering Reliance Health.


Want to know more about our employee health plans?

  • For how long has Reliance HMO been in business?
    Reliance HMO was first founded in 2015, with a vision of combining the power of technology and data with the passion and dedication devoted to bridging the healthcare gap in emerging markets. With a diverse community headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria and Austin, Texas. We also have offices in Cairo, Abuja and Port Harcourt and expanding into new emerging markets across the globe.
  • What makes Reliance HMO different from other insurance companies?
    We’re an HMO made up of a team of healthcare and engineering experts. We prioritise comprehensive well-being, addressing both mental and physical health. Putting employees’ health first, our commitment extends beyond traditional healthcare by incorporating mental health support, preventive measures, and exclusive benefits like gym and spa access. With no copayments to alleviate financial burdens during times of inflation, demonstrating our commitment to making healthcare accessible and employee centric.
  • Is Reliance HMO right for my business?
    If you are looking for comprehensive healthcare plans that focus on employees’ health, customised plans that fit your business needs and contribute to the physical and mental well-being of employees, creating a foundation for a thriving and dedicated workforce, then Reliance HMO is right for you.
  • How can I purchase health plans from Reliance HMO?
  • How can I get in touch with Reliance HMO?
  • What should plan members do in case of an emergency?
    In case of emergency go to the nearest hospital from our network (no need for pre approval for the first 24 hours) or call us on 0700-RELIANCE for immediate support.
  • How are inpatient and surgery approvals issued?
    Healthcare providers submit claims of the services they provided either through paper forms or through our online portal. Enrollees can apply for approvals through sending the required documents through email or whatsapp.
  • How are claims submitted?
    Healthcare providers submit claims of the services they provided either through paper forms or through our online portal.
  • For how long are approvals valid?
    Approvals are valid for 7 days.
  • Once a treatment is approved, can plan members change providers?
    Yes by getting back to us through our hotline or WhatsApp to issue a new approval for the other provider.
  • How do I follow up on my claim?
    Providers can follow up on their submitted claims through their dashboard or by contacting our providers team. Enrollees can follow up on approvals through contacting RCC.
  • How do I enroll my company?
    Join our community and enjoy our easy onboarding and comprehensive plans by filling this form and our sales team will contact you soon or contact us through our hotline: 0700-RELIANCE or email:
  • Do plan members need a medical checkup before they can be enrolled?
    No, plan members don’t need a medical checkup before joining.
  • Can plan members add family members to our group health plan?
    Yes, dependants can be added to your healthcare plan.
  • What is the maximum number of dependents that employees can include?
    There’s no maximum number for dependants that can be enrolled.
  • How long does it take to add new members to our plan?
    Due to our easy online onboarding process, enrollees are able to add new members in less than 24 hours.
  • I don’t have my insurance card yet, but I want to see a provider. What should I do?
    Enrollees can use their digital Id available on the mobile app to access healthcare.
  • Are plan members covered anywhere in Nigeria?
    Yes, plan members are covered in all branches of healthcare providers anywhere in Nigeria.
  • Are plan members covered overseas?
    No, our healthcare plans cover Nigeria and Egypt only.
  • How can plan members see which treatments and conditions they are covered for?/ their benefits?
    You have access to see your benefits on the Reliance Care app, or by logging in to their account on our website, or by calling our customer support on 0700-Reliance.
  • Which pre-existing conditions are covered?
    All pre existing are covered except those mentioned on our exclusions list.
  • Can I increase my coverage?
    Coverage can be increased within 30 days from signing the contract.
  • Do plan members need to pay for treatments and then reclaim the money?
    Enrolees can recieve the required healthcare from providers in our network without any copayment Treatments outside our network during emergency can be reimbursed after receiving them by submitting the required documents through email or WhatsApp.
  • How do I get a reimbursement?
    Reimbursement can be easily done by sending the required documents (Soft copy of the reimbursement form from the HR of your company with any medical reports and receipts stamped) by email or WhatsApp.
  • How long does it take to reimburse claims?
    It takes 5 working days to receive a reimbursement after submitting the required documents.

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