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Caleb Ihuarulam

Caleb Ihuarulam

The last time we did the Employee survey, you raised a few issues that posed a challenge in your healthcare experience with Reliance HMO.

Over the last 6 months, we have addressed some of those challenges and gone the extra mile to improve your healthcare experiences further. Here are some of the changes you might have noticed:

PA Code Approval: We’ve significantly reduced the approval time for healthcare access to 30 minutes. A recent survey showed that over 85% of your requests are approved within 30 minutes, thanks to the automatic PA approval system we created for providers on the Reliance HMO network.

Customer Service Response Rate: Our customer service team’s email and chat response times are currently less than 10 minutes. You can access care as soon as possible or have your issues resolved without delay. Our response rate is currently one of the fastest in the industry.

Provider Quality – Provider quality ratings allow us to determine how good our providers are and why they maintain the standard of care they can offer you. We engaged 102 providers with poor enrollee service ratings in February 2024. By the end of April 2024, over 70% had received better ratings.

We have implemented a new process to improve the speed with which we communicate your customer experience feedback to the concerned healthcare providers.

Medication Delivery—We’ve improved our medication delivery service to reduce the wait time for your medication to arrive. Complaints about medication delivery delays have been on the decline since February 2024. Our partner, OneHealth, has steadily improved its delivery times.

Additionally, we have added Reliance Family Clinics Pharmacies for convenient medication pick-ups, providing more options to get your prescriptions quickly and easily.


We also listened to you and improved the telemedicine process. Now, you can see you have been prescribed. You wanted to ensure you received the correct medication from the pharmacy.

Health Coverage—You also shared how helpful the Reliance Care app has been, and we wanted others to share in your joy. That’s why we are telling more people about our application.

We have significantly enhanced how you discover what your HMO plans cover through the Reliance Care App. With an intuitive interface and user-friendly design, the Reliance Care App allows you to navigate and obtain comprehensive health coverage information easily. In just a few taps, you can access detailed descriptions of your plan’s services and benefits, ensuring you are always well-informed about the healthcare options available.

Network adequacy – We have updated the network search capability, making finding them easier.

With all these, we simply say we listen to you when you speak to us and act to make your experience worth it. You can always rely on us.

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Caleb Ihuarulam

Caleb Ihuarulam

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