Plan member glossary & definitions

Reliance HMO's membership gives you access to a wide range of whole-person benefits, driving wellness for body and mind. Here are a few key terms to know about your health plan.

  • Controlled medication
    Medicines for which production, distribution, possession and use is controlled by government authorities.
  • Coverage
    Medical services and expenses for which Reliance HMO will cover the cost when you need healthcare. Can include doctor visits, hospital stays or medicines.
  • Diagnosis
    Medical name given to the cause or nature of a condition.
  • Emergency condition
    Situations such as a serious injury or unanticipated condition that require urgent medical assistance or treatment to prevent major harm.
  • Exclusions
    Services Reliance HMO does not cover on a plan.
  • Policy
    Legal contract between Reliance HMO and an insured person. Outlines services to which the insured person is entitled.
  • Providers
    Health and wellness facilities providing services to insured persons. May be registered within Reliance HMO’s provider network, or external unregistered / unauthorised providers.
  • Secondary care
    Any care provided on an inpatient basis or that involves non-chronic disease, specialist consultations or advanced laboratory and radiology tests.
  • Specialist
    A health professional, typically above the level of general practitioner, who is registered with a professional medical or dental body as an expert in an area of medicine or dentistry.
  • Specialist consultations
    Any consultation with a ‘specialist’, as defined above.
  • Tier
    Categories assigned to ‘Providers’ (see above). Members can access services from providers in eligible tiers for their given health insurance plan.

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