How to Choose The Best Provider Networks

provider networks

Provider networks are the list of individual healthcare centres that provide access to healthcare services for enrollees connected to a health plan. Insurance companies, hospitals, or other healthcare organisations often create these networks to manage and coordinate patient care. 

Importance of providers’ networks 

There are several reasons provider networks are essential in healthcare: 

Adequate financial coverage to provide easy access to healthcare. 

Healthcare can be expensive for the end-user and the provider. Healthcare centres on provider networks have access to a higher financial limit to provide appropriate patient care.  

Being on our network expands your reach and gives you access to a wider range of services.  

Cost Savings 

Provider networks can help reduce healthcare costs by providing a financial buffer for patients and care centres.  


Provider networks can be a valuable marketing tool for healthcare providers. That’s because of the providers’ exposure and the promotion of their services to new patients. 

How Reliance Health Selects Health care Centres on Its Provider Network 

These are the factors we consider when we curate our provider network at Reliance Health:  

Hospital Infrastructure and Safety – We inspect provider infrastructure to ensure it is standard and safe. We sign up providers who use the latest infrastructures and technology to deliver healthcare.  

Quality of Care:  We ensure that providers on our network abide by best-practice guidelines for providing care and controlling infection, thereby promoting health and reducing mortality.  

Customer satisfaction/Rating: Customer experience determines how they rate a provider, and we consider that a criterion when signing a provider. We continuously collect customer feedback and work with providers to improve their quality of care.  

Timeliness and effectiveness of care: For care to be deemed successful, it must be provided in time and give the desired result.  

At Reliance Health, we are very intentional with how we curate our provider networks. Providing easy, affordable and accessible healthcare options will be impossible without the right kind of providers on our network. 

How Reliance Health Supports Healthcare Centres on Its Provider Network  

We maintain a cordial relationship with our providers. We ensure we provide the support they need to provide accessible and affordable healthcare for our enrollees. We do that in the following ways:  

Accessibility:  our contact centres are accessible 24/7 to support our providers and enrolees 

Quick Authorization Approvals – All our providers enjoy fast approvals with authorisations for consultations, investigations and procedures. 

Tech Support: We provide tech support for our providers with a provider dashboard from where they can manage all their requests and needs. We also provide training on being faster, more efficient and more effective in healthcare delivery. 

Claims Pay-outs are faster – All our providers are assured of faster pay-out of their claims once their request has been made.  

Delightful – our providers enjoy all RH offers to ensure all parties have a delightful experience. 

We ensure that all providers in our network share our values and drive to make healthcare services accessible, affordable and delightful.  

You can join the Reliance Health provider network today when you contact us at any of the following contacts: 

Enquiries Call Hotline: 17008 

24hr support WhatsApp number: +20-111-995-2208 


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