Customer Perspective: Triggers for Mental Health issues.

mental health issues

Customer Perspective: Triggers for Mental Health issues.  

Mental health and its importance can be understated that we fail to recognize its many different appearances. We recently spoke to some of the enrollees that had used our teletherapy services to understand some of the triggers for a mental health crisis. Due to the issue sensitivities, we have kept their identity anonymous.  

Kids can experience mental health challenges: It’s easy for adults to think that most kids have nothing to worry about. However, most mental health challenges are diagnosed in adulthood, starting in childhood.

A child that experiences bullying might become withdrawn, forcing them to become introverts when they should express themselves. Children who have been bullied can second-guess themselves. They have self-doubt and cannot commit to the things they want to do.  

Expectations and responsibilities can be a burden: We all deal with a level of expectations. It’s all a part of life. Sometimes, they can be too many. Children and adults can get saddled with responsibilities they might not be able to refuse.

Leadership roles, caregiving roles, adviser, counselor, etc, are known examples that can lead to mental health challenges. Those who are assigned these roles should make sure that assignees have adequate mental health support to fulfill these roles. If they also refuse the role, their decisions should also be respected.  

Change of environment can trigger mental health issues: One of our enrollees recently moved from Abuja to work in Lagos. Abuja and Lagos are two big cities, but the lifestyles are vastly different, with Lagos being more fast-paced than Abuja.

Our enrollee has diabetes and has been managing it well while he was in Abuja. But the move to Lagos affected him so deeply that he fell off his diet plan and started to feel inadequate. He got the care he required when a doctor from Reliance Health asked him to get mental help from a psychologist.  

We change locations for different reasons like work, marriage, and family. We need to make sure that as we deal with change or that people around us deal with change, we are equipped with the resources we need to settle in physically and mentally.  

One of our goals as an organization at Reliance Health is to provide people with the support they need, especially mentally. That’s why in addition to asking the doctors to freely recommend people for a mental health evaluation, we have a teletherapy service.

Our teletherapy service allows you to access mental health services without the recommendation of a doctor. Instead, you go online, schedule a session, and a seasoned expert will take it from there. You can access this service by clicking on the button below. Don’t hesitate to get the help you need to be your best.  

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